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Welcome to -

remote debugging designed for Titanium Appcelerator

Once you registered, you will be able to start debugging your Titanium Appcelerator apps in 60 seconds (wanna bet?)...

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As long as the device that is running your app is connected to the Internet - you can debug your code by using any browser, from anywhere, at any time!

Even if your app is already in the hands of your customers - you will still be able to see what is going on with the app, in real time, and even communicate back to the device, if you'd like to do that!

How the process works (it is as simple as 1-2-3, literally):

1. Once you registered, you will be redirected to a page which will give you an instruction about how to include cloudebug module in your app that you want to debug (no surprises there - works just like any other Titanium module)
2. Once the module is included - your app is ready for remote debugging!
3. The page called "cloudebug console" (after you register and login - you'll see the link to this page on the top) will, in real time, show you the output coming from your device (actually - all devices which run your app with the code snippet that you've included in step 1) and also will allow you to execute any javascript code on all connected devices and see the output of that execution in the console.

That's it!

We are developers, too. We know all too well that there is no substitution for running your application in real conditions, not in emulator, not connected to a computer in your office, but - in actual "production", especially - in hands of your customers. gives you this unique opportunity and, as a result - an opportunity to improve quality of your work, to learn more, and to have happier customers!

Code strong!

PS: want to develop native apps which can be updated in real time, like web pages? check out DYNAPP.